Testing the Grit of the Public Service

Testing the Grit of the Public Service

Author: Adamu Liman Ciroma

ISBN: 9789785544879

Category: Biography and Autobiography

Publisher: Safari Books, Nigeria

Length: 488

Year of Publication: 2018

Illustrations: Colored Illustrations

Dimensions: 229 x 152mm


Testing the Grit of the Public Service is as much an autobiography of Liman Ciroma as it is a history of the Nigerian public service. Alhaji Dr. liman Ciroma tell us here, in impeccable prose, the story of his origins and of his journey to the topmost position in the civil service of the Nigerian federation, and beyond. It captures all the momentous events and landmark of  the period that spanned his time withing the service, and especially those years which he headed it.

This book gives us a great insight into the places and peoples of Nigeria, and it is an observant-participant account of some of the memorable epochs in the history of Nigeria, particularly the years leading up to the tragic civil war and the restructuring that followed.

Testing the Grit of the Public Service is enriched by the comment and tributes of a spectrum of Nigerians whose paths had crossed Alhaji Liman Ciroma's and there is remarkable unanimity  in the picture of the subject that they present. If he was a role model in his lifetime, this book should enable Nigerians now and in the future to raw inspiration from Alhaji Liman Ciroma's life and character.