The Holy Book of Ifa Adimula: The Sacred Voice of God

The Holy Book of Ifa Adimula: The Sacred Voice of God

Author: Mabinuori Adegboyega, Aare Latosa

ISBN: 9789785800821

Category: Religion

Publisher: Safari Books, Nigeria

Length: 860

Year of Publication: 2020

Illustrations: B/W Illustrations

Dimensions: 255 X 180 mm


This book is written for the benefit of the Yoruba people and others who appreciate Yoruba Traditional Religion but do not know how to go about the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to it and all African Traditional Religions. This holy book is a pointer to all the 256 Odus in the Ifa literary corpus.

Lack of literacy in the olden days was responsible for the poor preservation of  knowledge on African Traditional Religions. This book is therefore written to bridge that gap. I am quite certain that this book will be of immense benefit to whosoever reads it, for this book is an exposition to African Traditional Religions, particularly the Yoruba Traditional Religion in which Ifa occupies a pride of place.

This book is recommended to all lovers of knowledge, the Yoruba Traditional Religion and Ifa.