Not A Perfect Story

Not A Perfect Story

Author: Titi Kushimo

ISBN: 9789789913862

Category: Biography and Autobiography

Publisher: Safari Books, Nigeria

Length: 104

Year of Publication: 2021

Illustrations: No Illustrations

Dimensions: 210 x 148mm


There is a zest for life, a capacity for learning and a deeply curious sensibility in the writings of Titi Kushimo. In this book, Not A Perfect Story, she renders an account of what it means to come of age in Nigeria as a woman. This is a generous offering of relatable personal experiences, Kushimo has succeeded in painting a chronicle of different life phenomena, that is the lived reality of many women and girls in the global South. Not a Perfect Story is a reminiscence of real life experiences that is bound to stir one's imagination.

Ebook ₦3,500