The Olive Tree and the Lexus

The Olive Tree and the Lexus

Author: Sr. Mary Noeleen Obi

ISBN: 978978

Category: Biography and Autobiography

Publisher: Safari Books, Nigeria

Length: 224

Year of Publication: 2022

Illustrations: Colored Illustrations

Dimensions: 220 x145 mm


The core message of this book is that our happiness is determined not so much by what life brings to each of us as by the attitude we each bring to life. The course of life is influenced not so much by what happens to us, as by the way we look at what happens to our life itself.  When a person’s own light goes out, it is rekindled by sparks from the fire of others’ lives.

The chronicling of the life of Dr. A.B.C. Orjiako, the Olive and the Lexus, is a biographical reflection on that which consists in the truest state of life of greatness.  It is an epic, a voyage into the precinct of heroism, fleshed out in a language whose mode of being is purely as pristine as the protagonist it seeks his description.  The price is a study in entrepreneurial spirit, creative impacts, positive commitment to the welfare of others and altruistic service to God and humanity, the reading of which is worth the while.

Book is an upcoming title and is not currently available for purchase.